Adapt. Change. Assess. Repeat.

In every organization’s strength lies its weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Know yours and your competition’s. It’s not just about your knowing your clients; it’s about your clients knowing you. And, above all else, keep true to your corporate culture.

With all that in mind…

Identify how you want to be perceived
Always keep your corporate culture in mind
Change is not a dirty word — Embrace new approaches and technologies
Create and maintain a dialogue with your clients
Communication goes both ways — Ask for feedback and take advice


It’s all about you, getting your message out in your unique style and voice.


No Boxes allowed


Make it your own


Stand out in a crowd


Say it better with fewer words


Have a nice and functional presence

Social Media

Create meaningful connections

Meet Ann-Rhea S. Fitch

I’ve owned and run my own advertising/graphics company since 1986. When it came time to reset and simplify, to work with fewer accounts, I set up You see, I believe in promising a lot and delivering more, that each client should feel as if he or she is my most important account. That takes more time and dedication and, with having a streamlined approach, a reality.

My father always said that in business you move forward or backwards, but you don’t have the luxury of standing still. I focus on helping clients move forward and position them to adapt as change occurs.

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