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We are pleased to present a sampling of our work.

And though we normally photograph wildlife, when there's a camera (or two or three) in hand, and something catches our eye, well. . .we present a smattering of people and places as well!

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I am insanely passionate about getting into "the field" and photographing nature and wildlife. No place is too remote or too crazy for me to decide it's a good place for a photo trip. Fortunately, Bill — my husband and travel partner — loves to travel just as much. So, when I say "let's go to ..." he logs onto travel and airline websites and figures out how to get there.

— Ann-Rhea



If you’re fortunate enough to live somewhere wildlife roams into your backyard or have amazing vistas, you might not feel the tug to travel to photograph a wild beast or a mountain range.

And, living in South Florida, we certainly have beautiful scenery around us. But, we have wanderlust, feel trapped if we don't travel, and have diverse interests with a Need (truly with a capital N) to capture different creatures and landscapes through the camera lens.

Often asked which is our favorite country, we usually say wherever we are going next. And, we are always planning or going someplace. We suggest you go to new places and discover your own favorites.