Nature's Eyes

Wildlife. Nature. Up Close & Close Up.

Eye-to-eye with wildlife. If you look at our work and say, “that’s nice,” we haven’t succeeded in speaking to you. But, if you see our photographs and wonder, “what is that animal thinking,” or, “yikes, how’d she get that close,” or feel goose-bumps because the critter scares you, or want to reach out and touch the animal because it looks so cute, or wonder where we were when I shot some beautiful place, then we’ve given you some sense of the awe we feel every time we go out with cameras in hand, whether on land or in the deep blue, to capture nature in its true realm.

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Ann-Rhea S. Fitch

I never set out to be a photographer.

In fact, with great boredom, I watched others take pictures. In 1989, I gave my husband a new Nikonos; he, in turn, gave me his old one. Great, I thought. What am I supposed to do with this, carry his backup gear? No way! Instead, I started learning about underwater photography and got hooked on shooting close up. The joke was that if a whale shark swam by, someone would have to tap me on the shoulder to tell me because my eyes were usually focused six inches from the reef. Since then, I have had the privilege to photograph whale sharks—yes,I did turn around. And, I shoot more above water than below.

But I am still obsessed with being up close and personal. I want to be as close to the subject as feasible. Sometimes, that means I am within inches; other times, I must rely on long lenses to provide the up-close feeling when my subjects are dangerous or unapproachable. In either case, you are right there, right next to nature’s magnificent creations, and have the opportunity to experience what I do when I click the shutter.