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We believe fire risks can be reduced
if products are carefully evaluated in light of how they may actually be used.

Code Compliance

We provide assistance to domestic and foreign manufacturers in identifying applicable code requirements. Services include working with clients to establish testing protocols that conform with the appropriate requirements acceptable to code and regulatory officials.

Services include:

  • how to file for code acceptance
  • which test(s) to perform
  • ways to set up appropriate programs

Code Development

Building codes are not intended to restrict or favor a given product; their goal is to ensure a safe environment. Manufacturers know their new products and materials better than and before code officials. Want them to accept new products?

Education is key:

  • Assist in the education of officials about appropriate code requirements
  • Advocate for code approval of new products

Product Testing

Many situations bring clients to us for consulting assistance. We analyze the problem and determine the best course of action. We often intervene with building and code officials on clients’ behalf to help clarify requirements.

Typical issues we handle:

  • Client wants to determine the fire safety of their products but don’t know what tests to run
  • There isn't a specific code requirement for a product
  • The test standard specified by the code cannot be applied to the product

Client Representation

We specialize in the performance characteristics of building materials and systems.

We represent clients…

  • At code change hearings
  • With standards development organizations
  • With research evaluations
  • With the product approval process

Improve the first safety of all environments

Meet Bill Fitch, P.E.

Bill Fitch, principal, is recognized nationwide as an expert in the field of building codes and standards.

He has been involved in the industry since 1963. Prior to starting Phyrefish, he was an owner of Omega Point Laboratories, where he was responsible for consulting, litigation, forensic/fire reconstruction, and the listing and labeling program. He managed the development and implementation of new products and systems for Owens-Corning and served as a research associate at the National Institute for Standards and Technology.

A graduate in Engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle, he is a licensed Professional Engineer in Florida and Texas.

Click here for his resumé.

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