Worldy Vistas: Dunes

Saharan San Dunes, Morocco

Saharan Sand Dunes
Photographed in Morocco


The Sahara is the largest “hot” desert and the third largest desert in the world! What? you may be wondering. What could be larger? As it turns out, two “cold” deserts—Antarctica and the Arctic. How big is the Sahara? BIG! It’s about the area of the US, and stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the west all the way to the Red Sea in the east.

Our first glimpse and climb of these sand dunes were overwhelming. I’ve seen deserts before, but nothing on this scale. And, when you realize that it continues through ten countries (Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Sudan, and Tunisia), it’s impossible to grasp its scope. It’s something to experience and appreciate its magnitude.

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